Sarah (nixxxon) wrote in zomnitardsunite,

Today I had tofu curry. It was homemade, so it wasn't authentic Indian food, since we did not make it in India. It had cauliflower in it as well as potatoes. I believe it was made from small red potatoes, and not the larger brown ones. That's a good thing because the larger brown ones give me haemorrhoids. But I haven't had any problems yet, which is good. I don't like problems. The curry was yellow, and not any other color. Sometimes I have curry that is more of an orange hue, but this was definitely yellow. There may have been onions in it, but I couldn't say. I didn't make it. Luckily, onions don't make any difference to me. They're okay, just not especially notable. Onions are a filler vegetable when cooked. That is just my opinion.

Today I saw Can't Hardly Wait, and although this statement is grammatically incorrect, I can't hardly wait to see it again. I found it to be a charming upbeat note to my day. Jennifer Love Hewitt was absolutely captivating. Like the Audrey Hepburn of today's cinematic light, she hovers as the virgin Mary above the likes of Melissa Joan Hart and Sandra Day O'Connor, making it her duty to envelope the world in her scrawny, loving bosoms, illuminating the screen and all its rays touch. But aside of her and my enormous balls, there was nothing else in the movie worth mentioning.

Except for dinner. But that's another story.
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